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This summer we celebrated our annual Jamie Joseph trunk show. It's always the event we look forward to most - hundreds of unique gems make us feel like kids at Christmas! (If you've ever been to the Museum of Natural History, imagine a more intimate visit to the mineral room, where you actually get to try on the incredible gems that earth creates!). Check out our highlight video from this year's event! 
Did you experience full remorse at missing it? No worries! You can still shop our Jamie Joseph collection here. 
So what is a trunk show, anyway? In our world, a trunk show is an event that celebrates and showcases an individual designer. It's a party! It is a full, unedited collection of jewelry that includes special one-of-a-kinds. It's your chance to view artist collections the way that we do, in completion and without the filter of our curation process. We take these events as opportunities to speak at length about a jeweler's process and inspiration, and to identify what makes them special. Sometimes the artist is present to discuss their work, and other times they've sent all of their best pieces while they continue on in their element, making the jewels that we love. 
I should add that, for us, a trunk show is special. When we do choose to host one, it indicates our reverence for that particular artist. You can assume that this artist is a favorite - their designs are so great that we can't keep enough of them around! 
Trunk shows allow you to get to know a real maker, to explore a process, and remind us that handmade is always better than mass-made. 
We hope to see you at our next trunk show!

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