What Is an Eclipse Diamond Band?

What Is an Eclipse Diamond Band?

What is an eclipse diamond band?

An eclipse band is roughly 20-25 carats of crushed, industrial-grade diamonds fused to create a luxury band that is 8x harder than tungsten.

How is this luxury band made?

Millions of tiny diamond crystals are placed under extreme pressure (about 1m lbs) and extreme heat (2,500 degrees F) until they are pressed so closely together that not even the sun can penetrate - giving the band a black appearance (although often multicolored speckles can be seen in the sunlight).

Can an eclipse diamond band be scratched?

The only ting that can scratch this band is another diamond! It is 10/10 on the MOH’s hardness scale. It can tear up concrete, scratch glass and still look new.

How is an eclipse ring shaped?

Only a laser, electricity, or another diamond can cut it, so each band is made one-by-one with an electric current.

Is it true eclipse bands can melt ice?

Yes! Because diamonds transfer heat, if you hold the ring while pressing it against ice, it sears through it.

How careful should I be with this band?

Although almost 100% scratch resistant, like any diamond, it can be chipped or broken, so wear with care. 

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