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Our newest collection from Victoria Cunningham is here, and we’re in jewelry heaven. It’s chicken soup for the jewelry lover’s soul :) This year has been impactful on everyone, but we’ve watched with awe as our artists suddenly flowed with creativity. We think no one has been as inspired in their work as Victoria! Her pieces have always been special and feminine, but the new collection adds symbols of power and life that make these new designs feel extra meaningful. 
The carved feather necklace with a channel of diamonds is EVERYTHING!✨
Moon + Sunbeam necklaces and earrings combining masculine and feminine energy in a single medallion (and accented with tiny diamonds!)? Yes,
Golden hydrangeas that would look great on everyone!
Yep. Fiery Eye diamond and gold earrings that ward off evil? Call me four-eyes. 
And those incredibly wearable golden flake necklaces that look great alone and also make a great addition to your necklace layers? Pile them on us! We can’t get enough. 
Visit our gallery or shop Victoria Cunningham’s latest collection online HERE! You’re sure to find something special. 





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