Jewelry Care

We hope you treasure and enjoy your new piece of jewelry! Here are some important things to keep in mind that will help your new piece of art last for generations:

  • Perfumes, lotions, and oils should be avoided when possible, and prongs or pavé settings can catch fine clothing.
  • Jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. 
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes and abrasive surfaces. 
  • Too much exposure to sunlight can affect some gemstones - be careful not to leave your colored gem jewelry sitting in a sunny spot. 
  • Remember to take your jewelry off during any strenuous activity!
  • Your jewelry loves to travel in style - not at the bottom of your bag or pocket, but preferably in its pouch, dish, or box. 

To clean your diamond ring: 

  • Fill a small glass with warm water and a few drops of non-detergent dish soap (Dr. Bronner's or Ivory are good choices). 
  • Let your ring soak for 5-10 minutes to help loosen any buildup.
  • Clean setting gently with a very soft toothbrush if necessary. 
  • Rinse clean with warm water, then pat dry with a soft cloth.