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We all know someone who loves jewelry. Like, really loves it. Right? 
Well, here at Chemistry we’re a whole clan of jewelry artist devotees. I’ve never had someone join our team and not fall in love with things they’d never imagined appreciating before. There’s magic in metalworking and gemstones, and jewelry is one of the most practical forms of art - you can take it with you everywhere.
We’ve also been doing this a really long time. Our crew has been working together from 5 to 20 years, and all together we share well over 50 years of jewelry experience. And still, we find ourselves delighted with the creativity and fresh takes of artists throughout each new year. I truly expected this to feel old by now!
(This isn’t supposed to be my ode to jewelry, so let me get back on track).
I thought it might be fun to give you a glimpse into our own jewelry wishlists this season. We each gathered a selection of our current jewelry favorites, reorganized our picks by price and.... voila!
(for the gal who really loves jewelry). 
1. TAI Jewelry Emerald CZ Necklace 2. Zoe Chicco Single Peace Studs 
3. Hammered Hoops 4. Philippa Roberts Double Leaf Necklace 
1. Jamie Joseph Soaring Eagle Necklace 2. Jewelry by Cari Mountain Charm 
3. Glacier Lily Dahlia Flower Necklace 4. Dana Kellin Labradorite Fringe Earrings 5. Glacier Lily Protect Cuff Bracelet 6. Lulu Designs Leela Diamond Disc Earrings
1. Zoe Chicco Crescent Moon Necklace 2. Jamie Joseph Kyanite Surfboard Earrings 3. Zoe Chicco Diamond Locket Necklace 
4. Anne Sportun Labradorite Wrap 5. Jewelry by Cari Signet Ring
1. Robin Haley Present Necklace 2. Jamie Joseph Cultured Pearl Earrings 
4. Yasuko Azuma Double Leaf Studs 5. Diana Mitchell Mini Diamond Rings 
6. Victoria Cunningham Fiery Eye Earrings
1. Lene Vibe Tahitian Pearl2. 14K Link Chain Necklace 3. Victoria Cunningham Diamond Feather Necklace 4. Yasuko Azuma Dew Disc Studs5. Rene Escobar Hinged Bangles 6. Jamie Joseph Rings




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