Valentine's List : Three Things We Love

Valentine's List : Three Things We Love

   My assignment this month was to write about three things we love here at Chemistry Jewelry. How easy is that, right? It proved to be a bit more difficult than I expected. The problem was narrowing down my selection. I have a confession, I am going to cheat and there is just no way around it. It is just one little extra and I hope no one minds the misleading title, but I'm sticking to it. 

   I wanted to feature three different artists at three different price points. We have something for every occasion. Whether it is just a sweet, small, "thinking of you" or a celebratory gift for that very special someone, even if we are both the giver and recipient, "Thank you very much! It's perfect!"

  My theme was easily decided without hesitation - warm gold tones and lots of sparkle. It helps to brighten these grey days. (honestly, is there a day that gold and shimmer doesn't improve, regardless of the weather?)

   My first feature is Tai. This is the artist I snuck in and she most certainly needed a feature. Tai was born in Thailand and discovered in Los Angeles at the Santa Monica flea market. This line is high-quality, high fashion jewelry with fine jewelry finishes and details. Tai is proud to support some of the finest artisans in Thailand, and support the community in which the artists live. 

Chemistry Jewelry Tai thread earrings

Tai Labradorite, Quartz and Opal ear threads in Gold Fill. $85

   My second feature is Jane Diaz. And also my second confession-I have a bit of a coveting problem with big gold earrings! I love them and Jane does earrings oh so well! She designs her original pieces in New York where she lives and collaborates with Nepalese silversmiths that make jewelry the way their father's fathers taught them. Her mission is to keep their craft alive. Yes, please! 

Chemistry Jewelry Valentine Jane Diaz earrings

   Jane Diaz 10K Gold plate over Brass $107

   My third feature is Suzanne Kalan out of Los Angeles. She launched her fine jewelry line in 1988. This beautiful Fireworks line is designed by her daughter, Patile. This is glamorously refined chaos and I am infatuated with this new arrival! They say ,"hip and traditional, modern and classic." I say, "Yum!"

Chemistry Jewelry Suzanne Kalan topaz ring

Suzan Kalan White Topaz baguette stones set in 14K Rose Gold  $440 

   My "last" feature is a deLish piece by Ananda Khalsa from Massachusetts. (Notice I am not using the “f" word here, just "last" … you know that number after 3.) 

   Ananda's pieces captivate me with her juxtaposition of raw edged stones surrounded by tiny perfect bezel set diamond dots. She hand selects all of her stones for their vibrant luminosity. Ananda aims to create personal treasures for her wearers. I think she hit the mark. This is one of my favorite pieces in the store, and that is really saying something!

Chemistry Jewelry + Ananda Khalsa

Ananda Khalsa Champagne Quartz and Diamonds set in 22K gold and Oxidized Sterling Silver. $1,188

   If you get a chance, stop in our gallery and see all of the shimmer and shine! Like I was saying there are so many more things to see! And although, my photography skills do not come close to my enthusiasm about these artists and pieces, come in and see for yourself!

   *A shout out to our neighbors for the props in these photos. Valentine's Day is not complete without luscious red lips by Kevin Aucoin from our girls at Plenty boutique, and seductive long stem red roses by Lucy's Informal Flowers. Thanks ladies!

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