The Budget-Friendly Gift List (Gifts under $200)

The Budget-Friendly Gift List (Gifts under $200)

It’s that time of year again, and the Chemistry girls have been busy making our Christmas Gift lists - because (let’s be honest), jewelry is the ultimate stocking stuffer. And, our little jewelry bags make pretty great ornaments on the tree!  We’ve got you covered to be a hero this season with gifts for any jewelry budget!

Most of this list is under $200 (some are even under $50!) This means you’ve bought yourself some time to save up for the Jamie Joseph ring that she’s really dying for! Here’s a peek at some of the items we’re gifting this holiday season:

A touch of sparkle celebrates the season! Gardner earrings by Lulu Designs are fit for Eva herself! Perfect for a holiday party (and they’re ready for a beach vacation, too!). We love the bohemian vibes in this earring design, available in smoky quartz, lapis, black spinel, and green sunstone.

We love a great complementary piece, and this necklace by Lulu does the job perfectly without being too matchy. Also great with a classic pair of hoops! Wear this alone, or layer it up - we think of this as a foundational piece in your jewelry wardrobe.

EVERYONE deserves this handmade cuff by Glacier Lily jewelry. It's the perfect gift for any occasion. Hammered on an antique anvil, each cuff carries a unique texture and an inscription stamped on the inside that offers protection to the wearer. Handmade in Underwood, this is one of our favorite Chemistry classics available in sterling silver or 14k gold-fill. We sell these for men as well.

Also made by Glacier Lily, a classic pearl necklace is amazingly versatile (the hook can be clasped anywhere along the chain so your necklace is always the perfect length!). This piece comes with a choice of freshwater white or Tahitian grey pearls.

Forward facing hoops in a rugged texture are perfect for everyday life in the PNW. Our boss lady keeps a pair of these in her glove box for jewelry emergencies - they seem to go with everything! Select your choice of three sizes (they’re all great but we love the big ones best!). Hoops are handmade by Christy Lea Payne.

Organic circles in opposing finishes are intertwined and anchored to a delicate silver chain for a perfect casual necklace. Clean and simple… and under $50!

For the girl that sleeps in her earrings (we're not judging!), stainless steel hinged hoops are backless and ultra comfortable! We call these our “happy camper” earrings, and we wear them in the woods and on the mountain (they look good with a beanie or a helmet!). Cubic zirconia gems ornate the front half, and they can be worn backward for days when you just need a hint of clean metal.

For those who love the mountains as much as we do, tiny silver discs frame a hand carved Mt. Hood in 14k gold, offset with one brilliant white diamond. Sold with a shimmering 18” chain, Jewelry by Cari is made locally in Hood River, OR.

Cold weather got you dreaming of beach vacations? Gift a sterling silver wave ring to your ocean loving babe! And you might as well have your own, these little treats are a steal at $24 each

Lena Platero’s feather bracelets are one of our very favorite things. Perfectly carved lines in sterling silver surround a gleaming line of 10k gold fill. Limited production means these pieces go really fast, and Lena’s feathers definitely a Chemistry favorite. 

Perfect gifts, right?!



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