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There is a little bit of magic in jewelry by Saundra Messinger. Her bold designs play against a soft, glowing matte silver finish that shines over time. I have  sold this jewelry at the gallery for well over a decade, and have had the pleasure of watching her designs be worn lovingly by my clients, friends and family over the course of years. And here's the magical part - each piece seems to develop a patina unique to it's wearer. My husband's wedding band has transformed from it's shimmery satin finish to one that is a mixture of light and dark, shiny edges that fade into a landscape of tiny markings only time and wear can create. My own tiny dancer band has spent the last year and a half stacked on my middle finger, and the surprising flash of it's single teensy diamond continues to make me smile. 
I also love the intention in Saundra's designs. These pieces are made with love, and the wish that you wear them in good health. I've watched her express this sentiment in some way to every person who receives her jewelry in person at our trunk shows. You can see she means it. 
Last year, a cherished friend of our gallery attended our trunk show and instantly connected with Saundra. She happens to be a writer, and her own interview with Saundra was recently published - you can read the online version of that article by clicking here. (..and Gloria, if you're reading this... thank you, and we love you!)
So, mark your calendars for SATURDAY, JUNE 9! We really hope to see you at the gallery for this special event. 

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