New Artist: Diana Mitchell

New Artist: Diana Mitchell

We're thrilled to welcome an amazing new artist in the gallery! 

Our winter buying trip to New York was unusually successful, and we were able find more than a few new designers that completely knocked our socks off! First off to be inducted into our Chemistry jeweler's hall of fame: Brooklyn-based artist Diana Mitchell. 

Her architectural background lends a refined feeling to her designs - we love them because they feel both modern and timeless... In other words, perfect! Her hand-carved settings are cast in warm 18k gold, each one sculpted specifically for the diamond it holds. Each of her one of a kind pieces feel special and unique!

It was the rose-cut diamond bangle that stopped us in our tracks. Or was it the infinitely stackable diamond bands? Maybe it was the incredibly elegant little hoop earrings set off by brilliant pear-shaped diamonds. Honestly, we can't remember... we're star-struck by each of these perfect heirlooms. 

Diana Mitchell Rings

Diana Mitchell Cuff

Diana Mitchell Rings Stack

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