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We are SO excited to welcome Joy Smith to our gallery! Her line, Communion by Joy, features delicately handcrafted jewelry using old wax carving techniques. 
Joy is inspired by rituals, symbolism, nature, animals and people to evoke strength, guidance and power. She highlights natural beauty in precious and semi-precious stones. 
Joy has been sculpting jewelry for over 10 years. She studied art history in college and dabbled in painting and drawing. She began taking lost-wax carving classes at night, loving the idea of being able to sculpt anything she wanted!

"My inspiration comes from nature and the mystery behind the veil of life. This is a feeling I try to capture with my designs. When I give my attention to the life around me inspiration follows. I love ritual and symbolism. I find my inspiration communing with the spirit in nature, animals and people. I love to make jewelry that carries an energy of inner-strength and contains the power from the design or the stones I set into them. 
I keep my creative fire going by connecting to people and their stories." 
We were instantly drawn to Joy's beautiful line...You can feel the good intentions she puts into her work.
Explore her bridal collection here!

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