Chemistry + Diamond Foundry

Chemistry + Diamond Foundry

Did you know that there are such things as eco-friendly, conflict free, zero carbon footprint diamonds?  A team of smarty pants engineers has learned to re-create the way earth makes diamonds. I’m not talking about cubic zirconia.  I am talking real GENUINE diamonds!

We are SO EXCITED to be working with diamonds from Diamond Foundry. These guys were named by Forbes as industry disruptors last year, and we are so proud of what they stand for! Check them out..

The process begins with a very thin slice of a natural diamond which is increased by adding more layers of carbon atoms until it grows into a gem sized diamond.  The rough diamond is then polished and faceted into it’s own unique shape by professional gemstone cutters. Each finished diamond comes complete with GIA certification!

Our favorite Foundry Diamond feature is their website, which makes shopping diamonds easier than ever. A selection of your favorites can be overnighted to us so that you can select your diamond in person! Once you pick a diamond you love, it can then be sent to your favorite jewelry designer to have a beautiful new custom piece of jewelry made. Decide you need a larger diamond down the road? You can trade in your original Diamond Foundry diamond for 100% of it’s value.  Meaning you will get a credit for the amount you paid for the original diamond towards a newer larger beauty.  That is almost unheard of in the jewelry world!

Diamond Foundry works with some of the top master cutters in the diamond industry (one invented the princess cut diamond, and another helped develop the Hearts of Fire cut!). They’ve also caught the eye of Leonardo DiCaprio, the “Blood Diamond” actor who has become an investor in the company.  He believes in the idea of creating diamonds “without the environmental and human toll of mining”, which is just another reason he makes us swoon!  

Sign us up for these diamonds "as rock solid as our values"!

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