Building Your Stack!

Building Your Stack!

There are no golden rules to ring stacking, but there are some good guidelines you can follow to help make your dream stack come true! Don't aim for perfection - just look for an overall cohesive look. It's all about putting pieces together that have similar feeling. 
  • Mix up styles by combining pieces from different designers.
  • You don't need to play favorites... Mix and match ALL your metals.
  • Think texture! Look for eternity style rings and different shaped bands. These are the pieces that add interest to your stack. 
  • Pick one focus finger and stack it up! Add single rings to other fingers, choosing pieces that compliment the stack.
  • Sometimes less is more... Sometimes more is more! Aim for balance, you'll know when it feels right.
  • Don't forget your statement ring! 

Here are some examples to help you get inspired!

*from top left to right

1. Communion By Joy Spark Solitaire 2. Rebecca Overmann River Rocks Bubble Band 3. Victoria Cunningham Hammered Heart Band 4. Jamie Joseph Boulder Opal Ring 5. Jewelry By Cari Simple Gold Band

1. Victoria Cunningham Diamond Top Stack Ring 2. Jamie Joseph Organic Diamond Band 3. Communion By Joy Eternity Diamond Band 4. Rebecca Overmann River Rocks Bubble Band 5. Jill Platner Bolt Statement Ring

1. Saundra Messinger Sweetie Pie Signet 2. Saundra Messinger 3 Baguette Diamond 3. Anne Sportun Stardust Band 4. Branch Pod 3 Diamond Band 5. Saundra Messinger Channel Set Diamond Eternity Band 6. Jamie Joseph Tourmalated Quartz

1. Jill Platner White Diamond Ring 2. Misa Lava Ribbon Ring 3. Saundra Messinger The Tapered Band

1. Jewelry By Cari Simple Gold Band 2. Jamie Joseph Green Onyx 3. Rebecca Overmann River Rocks Bubble Band 4. Misa Lava Ribbon Ring 5. Misa Sunrise Ring 6. Branch Pod 1 Diamond Ring 7. Misa Emerald Journey Treasure Band

Ready to create your own dream ring stack? ✨

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