Time for a Cool Change

Time for a Cool Change

When you dream of any big thing, there is a natural process of thought and action. First, there’s the most exciting part - when the dream is realized with the warm feeling that you are on to something good. Anything seems possible! Then you start to add up the thousands of small parts you’ll need to make your vision come to life - and if it still seems like a great idea, you make your commitment…

This is when I get really excited and need everything to happen right away. I’ve always been like that - once my mind is made, all other options and ways don't seem to fit anymore. Luckily, the people that surround my life are creative, patient and incredibly talented! The amount of gratitude that I have for these blessed souls can’t be expressed enough. They allow the accomplishment of insane feats like completely overhauling a jewelry store in three days!

I hope you enjoy the new experience we've created. 

- Christine


Here's a quick rundown of our light-speed remodel! 

The local flooring guys installed the new floor super fast. Caution!

Sanding down display cases

Michael and I, sanding display cases to be refinished..

Our lovely ladies are so adaptable!

Leigha, Lexi and Matt become painters for the day (thank you!). 

New signage!

The sign guys arrive and install new outer signage. 

Superhero local craftsmen arrive with our new display cases

Superhero local craftsmen arrive with our new display cases!

An adorable couple asked if they could shop bridal while we were in shambles - of course we said YES!

Emma works on setting up new displays while Lexi takes a sweet couple inside the hurricane for a viewing of our bridal collection. 

Quick break to be spoiled by Kris from Analemma Winery with her award winning Blanc de Noirs!

Kris from Analemma Winery popped in to spoil us all with her award-winning Blanc de Noirs, and a few salted caramel & marzipan macarons! How lucky are we?!

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