Q&A: Glacier Lily Jewelry

Q&A: Glacier Lily Jewelry

Terry Kinney is the mind behind Glacier Lily. She and her husband Dan, collectively work together in their Underwood, Washington studio to create this wonderful line of handmade jewelry. They are both such creative humans whose weeks are fully booked pursuing ALL of their passions - from windsurfing and house remodeling, to setting stones into fantastic works of art - they can (quite literally) do it all. Terry has worked at the Hood River gallery longer than anyone (over 18 years now!) and continues to bring a fresh eye and bright smile to our team at Chemistry. How lucky I am to know both of these sunshine souls! Enjoy my little Q&A with Terry herself. 


Glacier Lily… where did your name originate?

It is actually a name of a wildflower that grows locally here in the Northwest Cascade Mountains. The botanical name is Erythonium Grandiflora, it reflects my jewelry well- lovely and colorful!


How long have you been in the industry?

I’ve actually been making some type of jewelry for friends and myself since high school. I did a lot of beadwork! It wasn’t until 2001 that I was able to share my love of jewelry design with the public. I started wiring Czech crystal beads into cluster designs and now I am able to set stones and diamonds!


Glacier Lily leather and pearls        Glacier Lily silver hoops


How did you acquire your skill sets?

I have been mostly self-taught in jewelry making. I’ve also attended classes at the Oregon College of Art & Craft in Portland to help further my knowledge and skills. I was able to learn many great and useful techniques from their programs… and it’s a fabulous campus. 


Glacier Lily pink tourmaline cuff


What is your favorite medium to work with?

Sterling silver probably is my favorite; it’s the metal I like to wear the most plus the price point is great (I don’t get worried when I accidentally toss or lose a piece of sterling in my studio). Sterling is also great because of how easy it is to manipulate! I use oxidation on a lot of pieces to help bring out the detail. I also love to incorporate leather and gold accents in my designs. 


Glacier Lily pearl chandeliers for Chemistry    Glacier Lily Leather Cuff


What is you favorite piece of jewelry you own?

So many pieces to choose from but it would have to be my ring that my heirloom diamond is set in. The diamond was passed down from my grandmother, to my father, and then to my mother whom had it made into a necklace. When my mother passed away in 2004 the diamond became mine. I had another local jeweler set it into a low profile platinum setting with a rose gold band. It has never looked so happy and bright! 

I cherish it every time I wear it. 


Terry's hand


When you aren’t creating jewels, where would we find you?

On the weekends you will find me at the gallery, of course! The rest of the time I'm either on the mountain or in the water! Dan and I enjoy a lot of our free time windsurfing in the summer and snowboarding in the winter- that’s what makes the Columbia gorge so great, our home is also our playground. I also have an obsession with gardening and foraging. Get outside! 


Terry's neck :) Terry's wrist


 If you were a stone, what would you be?

Labradorite! A highly mystical and protective stone originally found in Labrador, Canada but now all around the world. It is said to calm the mind and energize the imagination. The deep blue labradorite that I am currently working with comes from Madagascar, though the color flashes that occur are fairly broad making every piece truly one-of-a-kind. 


labradorite flash labradorite flash


What is Glacier Lily working on next?

I am currently gearing up to cut into some of that fabulous Madagascar labradorite! Soon to be incorporated into pendants and set stone bracelets. I started cutting my own stones about 4 years ago. I find it to be a fascinating process- from raw, to sliced, to a shiny beauty!


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