Happy March! Do you feel lucky?

Happy March! Do you feel lucky?

Everyone needs a good luck charm.  With St. Patrick’s Day approaching I’m left with thoughts of four leaf clover, pots of gold, and leprechauns.  Since I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by beautiful stones everyday it got me wondering which gemstones are known to bring good luck...

margaret solow + nava zahavi citrine

Citrine, a golden quartz stone, is sometimes called the “Merchants stone” or money stone.  It is supposed to help control the outflow of money. Citrine also assists in acquiring and maintaining wealth.  It promotes energies of good fortune and luck.  Carrying a citrine stone in your purse or wallet is said to help attract money!

jamie joseph rose qtz ring, chemistry post earrings

Rose quartz is a lucky stone for love.  It not only helps to attract love but it can also add a little fire to an existing relationship.  Rose quartz opens the heart chakra to comfort and heal the heart.  Wear rose quartz close to your heart so that it can aid in attracting all types of love.

jamie joseph tourmalated quartz

Tourmalated Quartz is a super lucky stone that carries twice the luck.  It gets its charms from both the quartz crystal and tourmaline that make up the stone (the quartz is a protective stone whereas the tourmaline helps to deflect negativity). When you wear it, rub it for good luck and get rid of bad vibes!

So excuse me while I go throw on a bunch of citrine and tourmalated quartz jewelry.  I have a lottery ticket to buy.

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