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Ammolite specimen

This multi-colored organic beauty was given the title of “gemstone” in 1981.  Primarily found in the Rocky Mountains of North America, it is made of fossilized ammonites (as shown in the photo above), undersea creatures that went extinct with the dinosaurs around 65 million years ago! Most of the gemstone is comprised of thin layers of a mineral called “aragonite”, which gives Ammolite it's iridescence.  This stone is relatively soft and has a hardness of 3.5-4.5. 

Ammolite lore claims that this gem radiates positive Earth energy, brings good luck and prosperity - not to mention - it is also said to grant miracles!

Ananda Khalsa Ammolite ring

We have a stunning Ammolite ring in the store right now, hand-made by Ananda Khalsa - one of our favorite artists out of Massachusetts. Set in a 22kt gold bezel and accented with two tiny diamonds set off to the side, it's a masterpiece for special occasions. A guaranteed dinner party showstopper...  Come by the gallery and visit this geological wonder! 


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